Danish Beginner Learning Videos

Meet the Swap Team - IT department Beginner

30 views April 26, 2021

Vigdis is giving David a tour at SWL. In this video, he meets the IT department.

Spanish (SA) Learning Videos


30 views May 09, 2021

See the Globetrotting Troupe rehearsing!

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Rutinas, Manías Y Hábitos

199 views April 19, 2021

difference between these three concepts

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Mi Amigo Eduardo

169 views April 19, 2021

My friend Eduardo and his routine

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Examples Regular Verbs

160 views April 19, 2021

here you have some examples of regular verbs

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Profesor's Last Speech

153 views April 19, 2021

Thank you all for following our indications, without your help, we may haven't succeed

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Finding The Language Codex

41 views April 19, 2021

we are so close to finding the language codex!