Free Danish speaking lesson for module 1

February 21, 2024

Hi, and welcome to a Danish speaking lesson with Swap Language!

You can prepare if you'd like

Watch the following on-demand lessons for free before the lesson. You need a free Swap Language account to access the on-demand lessons.

- Lesson 1 (25 minutes on how to introduce yourself)

- Lesson 2 (25 minutes on nationalities)


Watch the on-demand lessons to prepare for the speaking lesson


Practical information:

- Please enter the speaking lesson 5 minutes before to allow the camera and audio to be used during the lesson.

- Only users on a laptop will be able to speak in the lesson. If you join on a smartphone or a tablet, you can still participate only by watching.


What is Swap Language?

You can read more on our website here: https://swaplanguage.com/self-onboarding/what-we-do