Danish Beginner Learning Videos

The Danish Matrix Part 1

November 18, 2020 datid, past tense, stories, The Danish Matrix
I denne video hører du Allan som kontakter Nichlas og fortæller ham at der ikke er meget tid.

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Who are you?
Hej! Er det dig der er Nichlas.
I'm sorry I don't speak Danish
Well, the Danes all speak English and it seems like
a lot of work to learn Danish so I thought, why bother.
Vi har ikke meget tid. Jeg skal fortælle dig noget.
I'm sorry, didn't I tell you that I don't speak, dansk?
Jeg kan tale dansk. En lille smule.
What's going on here. This is so weird!
What if I told you that you are not going to thrive in Denmark
if you don't learn Danish.
I don't believe you. The Danes, they speak English just fine.
I don't have to learn Danish, trust me! It's just not worth it.
I will see you later. Vi ses.
Vi ses. I mean, see you!