Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Here you can watch all the recorded learning videos from real life situations in Spain

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Merendar Un Bocadillo

46 views January 06, 2021

If Nico can ask for a bocadillo you also can! Check how he states his preferences!

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Me Gusta O No Me Gusta

23 views January 06, 2021

What does like Nico and what does not? Enjoy your merienda!

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

La Tortilla Española

32 views January 05, 2021

Here you have the recipe for the authentic Spanish omelet!

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

La Sobremesa 2.0

130 views January 05, 2021

Nico still has some troubles with la Sobremesa, let see if he can pass it. Don't expect so much...

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

La Sobremesa

69 views January 05, 2021

Okay, Nico got a little pissed, but still he can teach you something about la SOBREMESA, that...

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

El Almuerzo

83 views January 05, 2021

In this lesson, you can learn some culture about Spanish lunch

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Timing For The Breakfast

29 views December 29, 2020

A normal wake up in Spain... in this video, you'll get some of our culture about how to have...

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Spanish Breakfast

119 views December 29, 2020

Look how gorgeous a Spanish breakfast it can be, our chef Nico shows you his way!

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Tener Hora

147 views December 29, 2020

In this video, you can learn how to ask for the time, but do it to the right person (no as Nico...

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Horario Panaderia (bakery hours)

33 views December 29, 2020

In this video, Nico is asking for the bakery hours. Pay attention to the time!

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Pan Y Mantequilla (aquí, allí)

45 views December 13, 2020

Nico is at the supermarket; he needs some bread and butter. Practice the uses of "aquí" (here)...

Spanish (ES) Learning Videos

Estar, Ser, Tener

99 views December 04, 2020

In this video you can practice verbs SER, ESTAR and TENER. Don't get confuse!