German lessons beginner

German lesson 7 beginner

September 04, 2023
The time has come for our Hungarian, Veronika. In this lesson, she will meet the 2 German employees to hear more. They all sit and talk about Veronika and his ambitions, his studies in Budapest, and then just a smidge about what she does in his spare time.

Grammar-wise, this lesson will enable you to talk about your education – whether you have one or not. After the lesson, you will know how to talk about what you have studied, what you are currently studying or how to say that you don't have a (university) education.

We will also be touching upon marital status, enabling you to talk about yourself or others that are married or divorced.

So much to learn, practice and have fun with straight away!

00:35 – 01:09 Agenda of this lesson
01:17 – 02:20 Word list
03:00 – 10:47 Vocabulary – talking about your education
11:12 – 13:23 Video
17:34 – 28:07 Grammar – placement of verbs
28:10 – 30:17 Exercise: Write the words in the right order
30:34 – 31:30 Key learnings