German lessons beginner

German lesson 6 beginner

September 04, 2023
Veronika will be joining a short meeting with 2 German employees. But first, she is getting a tour. She already went to say hi and talk a bit to the IT people.

The grammar topic of today is a natural extension of the content covered in the lesson previous to this one about questions because the topic is – TADAA! Answers! Precisely, short responses. Instead of just replying with a "yes" or a "no", you will learn how to elaborate your answers simply and effectively.

I also have some useful (if not necessary) ready-to-use phrases that I want to share with you.

We keep expanding our vocabulary while having fun! So tune in to continue your German adventure with us. See you in a bit!

00:38 – 00:54 Agenda of this lesson
01:00 – 01:57 Word list
02:31 – 04:36 Grammar – yes/no answers
06:27 - Grammar: Personal pronouns
12:05 – 14:09 Exercise: Write a yes/no answer
14:13 - 18:40 Grammar time: short answers
19:00 - 21:14 Video
22:55 – 23:48 Key learnings