German lessons beginner

German lesson 5 beginner

September 04, 2023
Veronika finally arrives at the company, where she will meet some of the Danish employees.

Before the interview, an employee gives Veronika a guided tour. They start off in the office and afterwards, they go to visit the awesome and very hardworking IT Department where they talk a bit to Marcin and Valerija who tell us about themselves.

The grammar topic is all about questions. Making questions with the so-called w-words (hvad, hvem, hvor etc.) and yes/no questions. 

00:45 – 01:25 Agenda of this lesson
01:30 – 02:15 Word list
02:40 – 18:30 Grammar – sentence structure in German
18:35 – 24:15 Yes and no questions
24:20 – 25:40 Video
26:40 – 28:41 Exercise: Write the words in the correct order
29:30 – 30:10 Key learnings