German lessons beginner

German lesson 3 beginner

September 04, 2023
Veronika just arrived at the apartment in München where she will stay for the weekend. The company visit is right around the corner, and she is pretty excited about it.

But Veronika can't quite read the address that the landlord wrote down for him – because of his terrible handwriting. So she decides to call him to have him say the address out loud.

The Danish numbers are a bit challenging. But don't worry. I will break down the rules for you in this lesson. And I promise you that you will feel empowered with knowledge and motivated by a you-can't-tell-me-anything-I-don't-know-about-German-numbers-already attitude by the end of the lesson.

After this lesson, you will know how to say your address, your phone number, your age and the year you were born.

00:26 – 00:56 Agenda of this lesson
01:10 – 02:41 Word list
03:19 – 09:52 Vocabulary – the cardinal numbers
09:53 – 11:59 Exercise: Write the number with letters
15:20 – 17:15 Vocabulary – the ordinal numbers
17:20 – 24:06 Vocabulary - Addresses
24:07 – 25:20 Exercise: Write your address, birth year and age.
25:30 – 27:39 Video
29:07 – 29:50 Key learnings