Danish culture - Pinse

May 17, 2024 12:30 PM Europe/Copenhagen

'Pinse' is right around the corner. But what is it exactly?

Welcome to this short culture talk in Danish, where you can practice your Danish listening skills. Vigdis will be speaking with a clear voice and at a slow pace for the best learning outcomes.


Dansk: Om lidt er det pinse, men hvad betyder det for dig? Hvordan fejrer danskerne det? Lyt med, når Vigdis fortæller om pinsens betydning og traditioner.

English: Pentecost is coming up, but what does that mean to you? How do the Danes celebrate it? Tune in as Vigdis talks about the significance and traditions of Pentecost.


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Vigdis Pham-Jensen

Lead Danish Teacher, Swap Language

Vigdis is the Lead Danish teacher in Swap Language. With eight years of teaching experience, she is ready to give you the best speaking lesson possible so you can get the confidence you need to speak Danish.

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